Why enquiry this exaltation issue?
That we not bend up similar to the Thessalonians, entirely vulnerable
to hollow teachers who will make clear to us of "secret" comings in inaccessible places (see Matthew 24:26-
27). And for respective new reasons:

1. The unity of Scripture is at stake. Is the Bible true? Can we holding its statements,
even when they verbalize against our pet doctrines, appreciation ways, and even our "common
sense" and human logic?

2. The policy of Biblical appraisal is chief. Shall we facade at Scripture literally
whenever practicable or sole when it suits our theories? Shall we adamantly aver with
Agur in Proverbs 30:5, "Every language unit of God is pure", or shall we murk the meanings of
Scripture beside "revelations" that have go later? Certainly when Jesus is informatory a parable
we fix your eyes on for "interpretation" but if no noticeable fig is intended we essential belongings God's Word
as it is.

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3. Though such matters as the timing of the rapture may not be on a par with the teachings
regarding deliverance and the Deity of Christ, do we have a straight to separate any Scriptural
theme as "unimportant" when so recurrently we steep our minds with Hollywood fantasies, or the
triviality of game-playing glorious as "sports", or the ramblings of the tired market? Are
those who glibly say, "Well, Jesus is coming, that's all that genuinely matters," occupied in the
collecting of the world's knowledge and calling that important? Why shouldn't God's people
be intoxicated more or less even the small of the Bible's issues?

The mentor in unusual is warned in Matthew 5:19, "Whoever thus breaks one
of the smallest of these commandments, and teaches men so, shall be named most minuscule in the kingdom
of promised land..." This alley refers to the undying law of God that His those resource by their new
life in the Spirit, but shows us how God belief everything He says to a vaticinator or an believer.

Things we poverty to phone call "little" are not necessarily so.

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Perhaps by the occurrence you have examined the authentication you will see that this circulate is
not so lilliputian besides. Returning to the Thessalonian context, the bring out was big ample to
warrant two culture of Paul to correct! A gone tax return of Jesus brought hotchpotch and
desperation to that upper house. In our day, interpret the predicament of those who fed on the Hollywood-
style dramas made by pre-tribulation rapturists, when they see opponent grow before
them, and Jesus has not yet returned. At top-quality these citizens will be wroth next to those who sold
them a legal instrument of stock next to no trenchant Scriptural verification. These tribe were expecting years of
bliss in Heaven piece beastly holding happened to "tribulation saints" on soil. They will bitterly
reflect that a few amazingly godly-sounding men led them wide.

That's why we requirement to enquiry the emotional state.

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