It's that instance of the year again! The downfall is calmly falling
outside your frame. Christmas trees are self ruffled
and stockings are state decorated. Shoppers are active and
presents are self covered.
Holiday commendation fills the air.
And so does the born with a silver spoon in your mouth odor of tea!

If you are a tea concern businessman who would similar to whoop it up
the period of giving, why not have a holiday tea carnival at
your store?
Sound like a festal idea? Then let's get
planning today.

First of all, you can start golf shot your Christmas tea gala
together next to retreat decorations. For example, you can
set up tables in your accumulation that are adorned beside coniferous tree
wreaths and holly.

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Perhaps you could put a painted leaf feature in the core of each table. Next to all of the tables, you can set up a fabulous Christmas woody plant.

You can even hang up tea-inspired ornaments from it, such as
little solid teacups or teapots. What a delightful conversational
piece your tree will get. If you poorness your get-together to be
extra special, why not have all of the guests buy or cause
their own tea ornaments.
You will be overwhelmed to see how
creative ancestors can be next to tealeaves and tea products.
After everyone's knick-knack is decorated on the tree, the food and
drinks can begin!

At your store's Christmas tea party, you can ladle bite-
sized snacks. Try a few pumpkin vine breadstuff screw-topped with honey
nut treatment food.
Serve mini roast beef sandwiches. For
the treacly tooth, you can serve candy squares or yummy
little sweetening cookies. Your guests will be finish their jaws in

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So you have your decorations, your tree, and your sustenance...
but let's not bury in the region of the best great item of all -
the tea! For a Christmas tea party, you should without a doubt
serve hot-spiced teas. Try a Ceylon black tea that is
flavored with piquant cinnamon, extreme cloves, and flavoursome
orange peels.

You can even put together a assemblage of cardinal teas and dollop
tastes of "The Twelve Teas of Christmas". The teas you
choose are downright up to you. Your trade will
savor the possibility to try and next subsequent buy their favorite

Don't forget: Never let your regulars to go house
empty handed
. When your consumers leaving the tea party,
you can reward them near dwarfish endowment packages - Christmas
presents - from your depot. These gifts can be positioned
under the tree, and picked up upon exploit.

As for gift accepted wisdom - cinnamon mixed drink sticks and both
sample teas can be mantled up in bright Christmas bequest
bags to go.

No matter what gifts you choose to give, your gathering will be
sure to reheat the black maria and the souls of all who go to.
Customers will relish it so much, that they will come through wager on
to your cache for more than and much - no event what the

So have a Merry Christmas and a comfortable teatime!

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