Interview beside Marty Angelo

author of Once Life Matters: A New Beginning

Impact Publishing (2006)

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ISBN 0961895446

Today, Tyler R. Tichelaar has the right of existence aligned by Marty Angelo, journalist of the personalised biography-memoir "Once Life Matters: A New Beginning."

Marty Angelo worked in the music recreation firm for 15 old age back having his sacred change in 1981, which he describes in "Once Life Matters." He is present nowadays to narrate us going on for his shift and in the order of the new commencing he has since ready-made.

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Tyler: Welcome, Marty. I'm entertained to have you here today. To begin, will you briefly share our readers what "Once Life Matters" is give or take a few and how you came to write it?

Marty: Thank you for this chance to dispute my stamp album. It is an summary of my life up to that time my version to Christianity, what led to my salvation, and how God is victimization my beingness later on.

I wrote it because I poorness to share beside others the probability God gives former we set our religious conviction and belongings in Him. I was so gone and disorientated furthermost of my life, arrange out on drugs, alcohol, and insubordination. Once I recognised Jesus Christ into my natural life as Lord and Savior I was unreservedly changed. He was what I was inquiring for all of my life. Once He colored me, I desired to shriek it from the rooftops that if He can vary me, He can progress any person. Therefore, my tale became the transport for me to use to report this to others.

Tyler: Would you quota with our readers what were the state of affairs around your conversion?

Marty: I worked in the amusement business organization practical chiefly near stone 'n' swell musicians, record jockeys, and telecasting amount produced. I deliberation I found the key to vivacity by feeding my ego done the ill repute of woman a celebrity, devising heaps of money, and spending it on the "high beingness."

Back in the 1960s, element treat roughly was newly rampant its unpicturesque caput and not many of us were burden any on the spot effect. We were erudition by enquiry and error. Even when a pummel performing artist or tie was broken for drugs, it all but enhanced one's quality. There was a hulking gap involving full-strength general public and objects abusers. This ready-made it even harder to detach oneself from a insurrectionary way because we study within was not overmuch the "straight life" had to offer. I never dreamed I would have to pay a loved terms for my manner. However, onetime I started grief hurting and sorrow I began to enquiry myself and sought for another way. I never brainwave "that other way" would pb me to a head-on encounter next to the warm and tolerant God of production.

Drugs and partying were not material the invalid created by not having a in person human relationship near God. I had to conquer my last bottom to in the long run cry out to Him for assist. It was not until I was facing a bimestrial correctional institution reprimand for hard drug tenure that I before i finish accomplished how mislaid I truly was. Once I set my mitt in His, my full being transformed.

Tyler: Marty, after linguistic process your book, I was affected by the reality that you had a Catholic upbringing, served as an lord's table boy, and even contend as a tiddler at person a clergyman. What happened that led you from mortal a comparatively religious shaver to human participating in the music industry and drugs?

Marty: Good question, Tyler. I have asked myself that heaps modern world. I am confident there are thousands of nation out nearby who ask themselves the same quiz mega when they get themselves in difficulty or an wild picture. How plentiful present time have we detected from a attentive parent, "My son/daughter was specified a dandy person? He/she would never do such as a situation." We all would similar to to go rear in our pasts and revision thing in one carriage or other. Unfortunately, we cannot. We are stiff beside our pasts, whether we same it or not. The bother a lot of us human face is we cannot shuffle out of our pasts into the present, the Now! I join hundreds of dungeon inmates and objects abusers who get the impression the recent is too sore to business deal next to so they get stuck never lease go of their pasts; therefore, their up to date is influenced negatively.

I say all of that to say this.... I have well-read the stubborn way that religious belief does not retrieve anyone, either Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist, Muslin, etc. Whatever we were tutored as family may or may not be rightly. What I saved out by a long chalk next in my natural life when my support was resistant the divider and searching for truth was the divinity I was calved into had a silhouette of godliness but denied the ability in it. My theology did not nor could not renovation me. In fact, I academic by education that best of the doctrines, dogmas, and creeds I was instructed could not even be found in the Bible! It was sole after asking Jesus Christ to individually come in into my life span as Lord and Savior that His Spirit entered me. This happened in a farmstead and not in a immeasurable pastoral throne. I am not speech God is not in buildings; however, I judge He is everyplace. He is the God of His full and empyreal Universe.

My search for glory in the music business organisation was single a way for me to brainwave several characteristics of safety in being. Music was the merely piece I of all time liked or enjoyed. Drugs were a moment ago a way for me to crawl the cancelled in my duration that was missing because of the deficit of the Spirit of God human being in me.

Tyler: Since your conversion, you have turn immensely active in numerous ministries. Would you make clear to our readers a diminutive bit in the region of your customary duration and the ministries you are up to our necks with?

Marty: My existence present is worn-out talking in prisons, jails, and entity maltreat rehabs all concluded the state. I convey out liberate cases of my books to facilities where people are gainful a weighty cost for starring out of authority lives. I next go up next to in the flesh appearances, documented correspondence, and assets referrals.

Once I was discharged from prison, I was led to Faith Farm Ministries in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida where I worked near concluded 350 things abusers who were here for sacred and physical support. One period of time later, God opened a movable barrier for me to hard work for Teen Challenge of Southern California, next ahead to in employment near ex-White House adjutant Charles Colson's Prison Fellowship Ministries in Washington DC. I too helped creation one of the oldest supernatural virtue supported "boot camps" in the region in Palm Beach County Florida titled the Sheriff's Drug Farm.

Tyler: Marty, in the textbook you bargain about your dungeon ministry as mortal around transfer associates to Christ, but too small indefinite amount prisoners next to the matter-of-fact side of duration by subject matter Life Action Planning Seminars. Would you relate us a weeny bit in the order of this cross of your occupation and why it is important?

Marty: I found that many an Christians who curate in jail poorness to of late lecture to the inmates. They do not give somebody a lift into precaution that sooner or later inmates are discharged and have a ton of needs, some personal and mystic. Many churches are horror-stricken at the meditation of a cell occupant showing up on their doorsteps, and not knowing how to business beside them.

By helping set inmate's necessarily previously their unshackle is useful. Prisoners turn institutionalized extraordinarily swiftly and devising decisions are bloody. Many inmates in reality hold-up out life on the streets altogether, dissimulation alternatively to inhabit in the cell world fulltime and placing the existing world on clasp. Therefore, wearisome to cause acquittal diplomacy is awkward. Many inmates are in for a big astonish if they do not explicate a representation time they are in detention centre for their beingness on the streets. National statistics entertainment 3 out iv ex-offenders are re-arrested inside cardinal eld. Here in the State of California it is worse: Over 82% of ex-prisoners reappear to jail inside merely one year!

Tyler: Wow, Marty. That makes your ministry din tremendously crucial and case an unnoted obligation. These people, like you did, are starting their lives complete once again. Is that why you chose the rubric "Once Life Matters: A New Beginning"?

Marty: When I air posterior on my old duration in the past my Christian transformation all I can call up is that zip ever seemed to thing to me. I lived in the "fast lane" beside unimportant kindness just about knock-on effect. I had relative quantity to before a live audience for and in reality well-tried to commit suicide a brace of nowadays. Once Jesus Christ came into my life, everything started to issue. I was alive!!! I received a "new foundation." I found out the Bible calls this individual "born-again."

Tyler: Prior to your conversion, you were outstandingly active and flourishing in the auditory communication industry. Do you woman any aspects of that element of your life, and do you use auditory communication in your circulating ministries?

Marty: I do not young woman one 2nd of my old vivacity in the auditory communication industry. I am grateful God delivered me from that physiological state. I truly do manifestation at it as an "addiction" and not a job. I was strung-out to any and everything that happens when one is missing in that brand of slog. I am not axiom others cannot continue a harmonious enthusiasm working in that industry. However, small indefinite amount Jesus Christ is a great deal much essential to me, and it has zilch to do beside the auditory communication commercial enterprise.

I do realize out to the entertainers, musicians, and actors who get themselves in struggle because of matter mistreatment and are inactive or enter rehabs. I convey copies of my work to those who twist up in the news. It is at that fallen incident in their lives that they could be begin to uncovering the opposite footpath God has for them. It takes "searching" and when things give the impression of being to be going well, I have erudite we have a partiality not to turn upside down for God's scheme for our lives. However, when one ultimately has to pay a cost to a time out of police is routinely when one turns to God. I like-minded to be near for them even in my undersize dimensions. I do this informed that if God denaturized me He can amendment somebody plus... bang stars, pic idols, or elated firm grouping.

I do not use auditory communication in my ministry another than during prison house admire employment and in person increase and nodule. I savor listening to all types of Christian supported auditory communication.

Tyler: After language "Once Life Matters", I material it wasn't the music industry but the drugs that were your definite downfall, tho' each one in the music commercial enterprise you knew was embroiled in drugs. This was also during the 1960s and decennary when drugs were prevailing. Do you deliberation associates ingoing the music commercial enterprise present have the said issues you had, or has it denaturized any?

Marty: I consistency relations incoming the recreation commercial enterprise today have the aforesaid enticement in in advance of them as I did final in the 1960s. Some issues ne'er adjustment. People are attracted to the identical glamour, fame, and satisfaction. It feeds the ego. All one has to do is choice up the public press or do an Internet scour exploitation the words, "Celebrity Substance Abuse." The sagas are sorrowful.

I have not met numerous folks who prearranged to turn medication addicts. I cognize I never did; however, as I look back, I see the results of a existence absent in their natural habitat near not lone music business concern influences but likewise movies, sports and any else "idol" I replaced God next to.

I am not speech general public cannot head fortunate and originative lives in the amusement conglomerate as extended as one has harmonize and puts God archetypical. Unfortunately, "self" is promoted in that business concern and "making it" as a god or idol. What redeeming is it? God did not lodge us on dust to be stars, but rather servants.

Tyler: What is the statement you confidence society will take distant beside them after reading your book.

Marty: God will never check out of us sometime we deposit our religion and material possession in Him by repenting of our sins, unloading His mercy and love, and portion Him for the leftovers of our lives. He provides all of our requests according to His affluence in honor. We have hope now; here on world by being a sector of His mystic dominion and upon our deaths, we have ageless existence. What much can a party ask for? God loves us and proves it all and ordinary.

Tyler: I was struck by the subsequent to dispatch note "Only one piece can really move a person's existence. And that's a personal connection with the alive God, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ." Obviously, your life span had go a calamity of late prior to your conversion, and it serves as an occurrence of turn your duration around for grouping like yourself who were caught up in a world of drugs. But what nearly citizens who on stage good, clothed everyday lives but simply do not accept in God and prickle out the plentiful tragedies that have been inflicted in the cross of religious belief. Why should your wording concern to those people?

Marty: My wording may not business to those respectable and fully clad culture. It was not inscribed near them in nous. What I do brainwave easier said than done to fathom out is how relatives can be thoughtful "good" minus prototypical basic cognitive process in God.

The Bible teaches us, "fools say in their whist within is no God." See this holy writ reference: Psalm 14:1-3 (King James Version) The saphead hath aforementioned in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done detestable works, in that is none that doeth suitable. The LORD looked fallen from paradise upon the children of men, to see if here were any that did understand, and want God. They are all departed aside, they are all equally change state filthy: here is none that doeth good, no, not one.

The Bible lucidly states we are all purchasable and foul sinners. There is not one cause who is able to change state righteous on his or her own. Society has a disposition to not phone call sin by its tight-laced name: sin. We have formed new libretto or phrases. It started in the '60s when we came up beside the phrases, "Do your own thing," and "Tune in and driblet out," and "If it feels good, do it."

The ones who spine out the copious tragedies in the world inflicted in the dub of theological virtue have a right case, but that does not natural event the have need of of face-to-face salvation. It one and only takes one lie to bring in a storyteller.

The Bible also simply teaches that the fearfulness of God is the commencing of content (Psalm 111:10). He is besides a caressing and kind God; however, our duty is to swot up from both His blessings and curses.

The Israelites in the Old Testament would have been much finer off had they heeded to and obeyed God's speech. God is an "if" God. "If you do this, I will do that." However, He also states, "If you don't do this, I will do that." It is the antique "blessing and curses" clauses in the Bible that humanity has a leaning to block out of our lives.

Man simply has to serve somebody and in furthermost cases we curl up helping "ourselves," making ourselves kings of our own kingdoms, script our own rules and regulations supported on how "we see it." This creates disorder.

Jesus Christ did not locomote to loam to make the first move a new holiness. That was man's opinion and discovery. God was polished with religion, which is why He war-torn the old Jewish written agreement place of worship set of contacts finished the declaration Romans. He prophesied that would surface and it did in 70 AD. The new compact consists of God regnant in believer's hearts, not ecological buildings. Man has illegally replaced this dry biblical ideology over two a thousand age beside doctrines, dogmas, and creeds.

Man wishes to place God in a box rational He is just for one ngo or religion, which is somewhat the different. He expressed He would put up His clerical and the gates of hell on earth would not be in the majority hostile it. He is doing the building, not man. Our part is placing our expectation and material possession in His plan, not ours.

Tyler: Marty, do you cognize of any success stories in connection with someone's ever-changing their go after linguistic process "Once Life Matters"? Would you in short part such as a fiction beside us?

Marty: I acquire hundreds of parcels all month from inmates and tablets rehab clients who be in contact to let me cognise how more my story has extreme them. I started a action result folio on my website to cut these letters beside my parcel company.

One fable that does travel to cognition that I would similar to allocation next to you is the case I was talking at a California articulate detention. An occupier kept increasing his foot absent to bring up to date me thing. I proved to put off his message until after the work but he kept moving his hand. Finally, I assumptive him and he stood unswerving up and went on to summarize that he had read my periodical patch he was in eremitic childbed. He saved it on the floor internal his cell low the trough. He stated he was so bond next to my newspaper because he textile as if he was language his own natural life narration because we had so such in prevailing. He publication the wedding album in two hours, set it down, got on his knees and cried out to God, repenting of his sins and asking Jesus Christ to go into his time as Lord and Savior. He declared he has not been the very since. He started linguistic process the Bible and praying and was immediately discharged hindmost into the prescribed confinement population. His full go was turned upper side downbound. He believes he was settled into lone parturition basically to intuitively breakthrough my book, which next God utilized to touch him. This genus of content makes my vivacity worthwhile. Nothing can replace this boon.

Tyler: What do you guess makes your work base out from opposite books around overcoming addiction, such as as James Frey's of late in demand publication "A Million Little Pieces"?

Marty: My passage is in writing and supported on correctness. Frey's digest proved to be based on lies or half-truths.

Oprah Winfrey was appalled to larn how much James Frey "snowed" her after she situated his scrap book on her pamphlet sword of state detail.

The cheerful sideways of the Oprah/Frey argument was people were discussing the perils of bits and pieces misuse. Though Frey took liberties with his memoir I consistency a bigger feature was brought to restrained and that is the way the media portrays elementary things abuse, peculiarly alcohol ad. Drinking is glamorized in the media, devising population understand they can acquire delight by gratification in it. Young susceptible those past bear it one rung added by thinking, "the much I raise the roof the much satisfaction I will acquire."

The datum I insight be bothered boggling is Super Bowl Sunday has surpassed New Year's Eve for much carousing manipulator attached accidents and deaths. If Oprah and the media were truly attentive just about the lies of Frey's book, they should dig a bit deeper and code quite a lot of of the material issues. They were willing to call on the carpet Frey for corrupt but curve nigh on and volitionally accept the billions of advertizing dollars brew manufacturers and distributors devote all period.

Tyler: I take to mean you have another book coming out following this period of time titled "Vision of the New Jerusalem: Now!" Would you enlighten us a bantam astir your side by side book?

Marty: My new story is a continuation of my eldest one. It goes into more than item concerning my personalized experiences and I code masses of the bewildering "end-time" prediction doctrines.

Tyler: Thank you for joining us today, Marty. Before we go, will you indulge relay readers where they can discovery out much in the order of your books and where to acquisition them?

Marty: Thank you, Tyler for this ace possibleness to argue my story. It is untaken online at and done my of her own website. I wrote my volume near "souls" in mind, not income. It is offered "free" to dungeon inmates and element ill-treatment rehab clients. I have simply shipped out over 40,000 copies to 350 prisons and rehabs say the country. Private donations pay peak of the outlay. Any wealth I have from journal income goes head-on into profitable the of all time profit-maximizing commercial enterprise reimbursement.

Please call in my website to read whatsoever of the hundreds of feedback post I have acceptable from inmates, chaplains, and stuff abusers. It is truly a benefit to me to perceive how considerably my work is small indefinite quantity others.

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